noun | Forest-bathing

The Japanese word for rejuvenation through ritual, meditative immersion in nature

We invite you to release yourself from the overly busy and exhausting pace of urban life.
We invite you to nourish and relax your body and mind through our teas, which are a part
of a natural mindfulness experience. An experience that touches and sharpens all five
senses of your body through scent, color and taste and bring the benefits of
forest-bathing in a bottle to you wherever you are.

Studies show that forest bathing can enhance relaxation, improve focus, and soothe tired minds.
Kyoku green teas have similar benefits and are the gift we offer to you in an everyday
drinking experience.

We think of it as a moment of self-care made for your busy day. A moment that evokes
your own personal forest walk, awakens your innate sense of nature and enlivens your day.

May you find your nature
in ours

Our green tea experience

Our teas have a pleasing sense of tasting something fresh from your garden.
Our roasting processes enhance the tea to bring out the natural flavors that are
reminiscent of a forest bathing experience.

Shake lightly. Watch the color transform. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the benefits of being
outside when you’re stuck inside. For optimal benefits, repeat daily to build your ritual.

Kyoku tea sachets

Each Kyoku tea box contains five 7g tea sachets.

Yabukita sencha

Sustainably farmed, single-origin Yabukita

origin: kikugawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

notes: fresh plant essence, a deep umami
opening and a sweet lingering finish.

Contains a low to medium caffeine level
(0.029g/100ml : tested after two hours in room temp. water) 

A perfect tea, every time

Kyoku’s line of teas offer a rejuvenating new flavor ritual based in our natural-brew
that allows the true nature and flavors of the tea leaves to emerge.

Natural-brewing is a combination of the way the teas are selected, the innovative
roasting and blending techniques and the unique brewing process that allows them to
be brewed at room temperature or colder to create a perfect tea every time.

By carefully selecting the finest tea leaves, honoring their origin and maximizing their
character, we bring the essence and benefits of nature to your glass or bottle. Every sip,
a rejuvenating beginning.

“We often forget that
we are nature.”
–Andy Goldsworthy

We make the extraordinary experience of
forest bathing an everyday drinking experience.

Experience the benefits of nature in a bottle. If you can, go outside. If you can’t, right
now, prepare a Kyoku tea and remind yourself that you are a part of a much larger
natural experience. Please enjoy the experience of clear focus and transcendant flavors
that people associate with our teas. A clear focus that travels with you, anywhere.

Kyoku translates to music or rhythm in English and our hope is, that our teas remind
you to honor your own rhythms with life and bring it outward to others.